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Buxmont Riding Club Rules of the Rings

*You MUST be a member to use the club grounds. No guests are permitted to ride with or for members. (Not including horse shows)

*Please clean up after yourself & your horses.

*Absolutely NO lessons can be held at the club (helping each other is fine, but no lessons for profit are permitted)

*No parking next to the rings! Use the parking area.

*Absolutely no hay or hay bags near the rings. Please keep your hay at your trailer.

*No free horses in the rings! You must have control of your horse while in the rings at all times. If you would like to free lunge, please use the round pen.

*The rings are available for use from dawn to dusk.

*All riders under 18 are to have a helmet on when mounted.

*Do not walk, ride, or park on neighboring properties.

*Return any equipment used to where you found it. Please remember we are all volunteers.

*Please report any damage found to the board at

*Dogs are to be leashed on the property. Please clean up after your dogs.


Thank you for understanding!

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