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The History of Buxmont Riding Club

The Buxmont Riding Club was organized in the fall of 1944 by a group of horsemen who wanted to enlarge
and expand their activities by including others interested in the sport. These first members were: Leon Baringer,
Harry Barndt, Bernice Moyer, Lester Void, John Hager, Bill Kallensee, Sr., and Bill Meyers.

The “Annual Buxmont Open Horse Show”, first held in 1945, grew from a small, local show to the point
where it was considered to be one of the outstanding shows in Eastern Pennsylvania. In 1963 there were 247
entrees from a tri-state area. This number increased yearly and in 1969, entries numbered approximately 475.
Due to the state of the national economy, in 1973 the “Open Show” was eliminated and a third “Gymkhana” was
added to the show season. Two “Junior Shows” were added in 1979 and the “Open Show” was reinstituted.
In 1988 a new class format was developed: the “Buxmont Horse Show and Gymkhana” which included three
divisions – English, Western, and Gymkhana. At that time the “Open Show”, the three individual “Gymkhanas”,
and the individual “Junior Shows” were eliminated. The “Buxmont Horse Show and Gymkhana” would be held
a minimum of twice yearly. This format continued into the 1990’s. In 1992, one English/Western Show and two
Gymkhanas were held. In 1993, one large Open Show, in affiliation with the Penn Jersey Horse Show Association,
and two Gymkhanas were held.

The club became a member of the Penn Jersey Horse Show Association in 1993 in the hopes of increasing
exhibitor participation. The show was successful and it was decided that in 1994, one English Show and one
Western Show, under Penn Jersey affiliation, would be held. No Gymkhanas were scheduled at this time due
to lack of exhibitors.

In 1995 Gymkhanas were reinstated. There was a minimum of three shows held each year.
In 2003, the Club became “PAC” (Paint Horse Alternative Competition) approved. In the spring of 2004, both
English and Western classes were reinstated. In addition, Gymkhanas were “spruced up” to include a variety of
different games. 2004 was a very successful show year for the Club with entries totaling close to 100.
Also in the spring of 2004, a food booth was erected in a location closer to the show ring.
This proved to be successful as well.

The Buxmont Riding Club has 22 acres for your enjoyment and is located off of Clump Road in Tylersport, PA,
in Montgomery County.

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