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Show Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration Cost for Jumpers, Western, Minis, and Hunters is:

$8/class for members or $9/non-members 

Day of Show Cost will be $11/class for member and $12/non-members 


$5 EMT Fee per rider, per day

Pre-Registration costs for Gymkhana is:

$7/class for members or $35 for the night

 $8/class for non-members or $40 for the night 

Day of Show cost will be $8/class for members or 40 for the night 

$10/class for non-members or $50 for the night

PeeWee $5/class

Stakes Class $12 (cash only)

Pre-Registration opens 2 weeks prior to the show weekend & closes the Thursday before the show weekend at 9pm. Late pre-registrations will not be accepted & you will need to register day of show. Thank you for understanding.

**There is a $1 non-refundable number fee for all participants. You may bring your own number.

Gymkhana riders do not need a number.**

**Payment is optional through PayPal or Venmo at the time of pre-registration, but it is not required. You may pay day of show via Cash or Check only**

BRC Show Series Pre-Registration Form
**Please use Family & Friends option when paying**

Thanks for submitting!

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